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Lighting Design for

Jesus Christ Superstar

directed by Jack Welch
produced by Richmond Department of Recreation and Parks at Dogwood Dell Ampitheatre, Richmond, VA.
Scenic Design by Mitch Fore, Costumes By Mary Boelt

Richmond News Leader Phoebe Award for Best Lighting Design for a Musical,1981-82 Season.

Dogwood Dell Amphitheatre is an outdoor summer theatre.

Dell Superstar

In Superstar, the use of multiple playing spaces, including the roof of the Dell facade, made for an interesting challenge. To give this show the look of spectacle that it needed, lights were hung in plain view and in odd places.

Dell Superstar

I was able to put to use several techniques that I learned in the rock-n-roll business where I got some of my early lighting practice. The use of heavily saturated colours from the sides and back, cutting through with follow spots for emphasis helped give this show the passionate intensity it needed.

The Review; See what The Richmond News-Leader had to say...

Dell Superstar review

Or just the part about me:

Dell Superstar review gregg hillmar

This was my first version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Here is the second one...

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