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First Night Annapolis

I'm sorry to report that First Night Annapolis ceased to exist...

I spent two and a half years working for this wonderful event. Most of my job revolved around technical and logistical support for OVER 300 performances in about 50 spaces. Sound (thanks Tracy!), lighting, food for 100`s of performers and crew, movement of materials (thanks Pat), communications between everyone (thanks Bill), hotel rooms, stagehands, power,-EVERYTHING necessary to technically produce this event.

I also coordinated all logistics for the audience`s enjoyment- buses to move the audience of 23,000 around Annapolis; food services; you name it...

Throw in a little database design and programming- tracking sales, performers, technical requirements, site information, sponsors, media, volunteers, and contacts, and relating all of these together. I still visit First Night Annapolis every year to update and tweak their databases.

I also did much of the in-house graphics and layout work. The two images here were report covers created mainly in Photoshop, pulling pieces from many sources.

First Night Annapolis cover
 Conglomo-photo for cover report (click for larger image...)


 First Night Annapolis willard
Conglomo-photo for publicity. Yes that is Willard Scott. First Night Annapolis was featured on The Today Show, December, 1997.

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