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Scenic Design for

Lion In Winter

Directed by Christopher Owens, Artistic Director for Wayside Theatre in Middletown, Virginia.

This design was featured in the 1993 USITT Chesapeake Touring Juried Exposition.

 Lion in Winter Model
Preliminary Model. We wanted to capture the flavor of a 12th Century Castle in Wayside`s small space and have a sense of spaciousness filled with shadows so that one never knew who was listening around the column.

Lion in Winter Set 
The Lion in Winter reception room. Painting the walls of the theatre itself and using entrances and exits through the "offstage" space gave a sense of the constant activity and intrigue that fills this show.

Lion in Winter 
Eleanor`s room. Different tapestries and different placements of the pivoted wagons allowed us to accomplish the six different locations needed in this show easily

Lion in Winter 
Philip`s room. Again the wagons in different arrangement with different tapestries allowed us to create a totally different space, ideal for the hiding and overhearing of everything that happens in this scene. Note the fireplace chimney piece on Stage Right. Simply hiding one of the arches also drastically alters the space.

Lion in Winter 

Wine cellar. Using the two wagons together, without tapestries gave us the great feelings of depth and shadow that were so important to us, especially in the final confrontation.

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